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Artists With Attitude December Newsletter

Posted in Next Event by Artists With Attitude on December 5, 2008
Monday 22 December at 21.00

Slomobat presents advice demo: How to radically change your future?

“Frank, the One Arm Hit-man”

 presented by: Duro Toomato, adviser

Monday 15 December

Assen Ivanov and Svetlin Velchev

"Miniscape" - a multimedia/dance performance

DJ Kingalita


Food always from 19.00 on!

Monday 8 December 
Martin Hansen will "sell" some of his ideas by auction.

Or to say it more precisely: he will sell material which was collected
due to a certain idea which finally never carried out.
There will be three different packages :
1. plane crash of a survey clerk ( books and video material)
2. the wonder world of gewgaw and personal junk (many small things)
3. 1.000 german villagers in the 70's (photo negatives)

The price to acquire one of these packages should not be paid with money
but with a good idea, how to recycle the dropped plans.
the highest bid, the best idea will win.

Monday 15 December
Assem and Svetlio
Visual Installation Performance